Thursday, February 17, 2011


The sun was shining in through Audrey's upper east side penthouse. She woke up with the sun, excited to finally be going to be Columbia. Yale had been her dream school since her childhood but after her mother's horrible divorce she couldn't bare leaving her mother alone in the city. So she decided to enroll in Columbia. Audrey had always been engrossed by fashion, but not in the same way as her mother. Even though Lily was a fashion designer, Audrey was more interested in telling people what they should wear. She was the queen of fashion in her high school, and she was determined to use her passion throughout her college career. Audrey loved everything fashion related, including interior design, which was why she was going to live in her current apartment with her mother. Her bedroom was decorated ornately, with pictures on her idol, Audrey Hepburn, on the walls. Her bed was covered in deep blue silk coverings, with beautiful pillows on the top. She had beautiful flowers all throughout her room, and kept everything very simple. She had a whole other room for her schoolwork, in order to keep her room uncluttered. That was a definite upside to going to Columbia, Audrey didn't have to deal with sharing an impossibly small dorm room with another girl, and having to use a communal bathroom.

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