Sunday, February 20, 2011


Her private jet was landing, and Norelle could not be more excited. She was so ready to be living in New York City without her annoying older sister, Melissa. Melissa was a horrible sister, who went out of her way to destroy Norelle's life. Luckily, Norelle had landed her dream job, and no longer had to live in Beverly Hills with Melissa. Now that Norelle was 18 she could finally gain access to her trust fund, and with her new modeling job she felt as though the world was hers. She would be working for New York Model Management, living on the Upper East Side, and was determined to make this the best time of her life. All she needed was some amazing friends and a boy to play around with. Even though Norelle had received satisfactory grades throughout high school, going to college was never really an interest for her. She felt she couldn't live life to the fullest if she was constantly bogged down with schoolwork.

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