Sunday, February 20, 2011


Her private jet was landing, and Norelle could not be more excited. She was so ready to be living in New York City without her annoying older sister, Melissa. Melissa was a horrible sister, who went out of her way to destroy Norelle's life. Luckily, Norelle had landed her dream job, and no longer had to live in Beverly Hills with Melissa. Now that Norelle was 18 she could finally gain access to her trust fund, and with her new modeling job she felt as though the world was hers. She would be working for New York Model Management, living on the Upper East Side, and was determined to make this the best time of her life. All she needed was some amazing friends and a boy to play around with. Even though Norelle had received satisfactory grades throughout high school, going to college was never really an interest for her. She felt she couldn't live life to the fullest if she was constantly bogged down with schoolwork.

Friday, February 18, 2011


It was 6:30 in the morning when Sapphire woke up. She could not have been more excited to be finally going to her dream school, Columbia. Although Sapphire loved living in Boston, she could not wait to experience all that Manhattan had to offer. She had always been the best at everything, and Sapphire was thrilled to finally be challenged. She was an excellent runner and was planning on running the New York Marathon in early November. She had her heart set on making her mark on Manhattan, and living life to the fullest. Sapphire knew that being in New York meant that she was one step closer to having her dreams come true. She had always aspired to be a writer, but knew that the best publishers and editors lived in New York. Additionally, she was fluent in French, and was planning on studying abroad in France. She had spent her summers growing up in France with her father, but now she wanted to study in France, and perhaps even get an internship there. Being a smart, sassy girl from Boston, Sapphire knew she would fit in just perfectly at Columbia. She was majoring in Creative Writing, and French and Francophone Studies. She knew having a double major would be difficult, but Sapphire was not one to turn down a challenge. In fact, all through high school she had wished she had been challenged more.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The sun was shining in through Audrey's upper east side penthouse. She woke up with the sun, excited to finally be going to be Columbia. Yale had been her dream school since her childhood but after her mother's horrible divorce she couldn't bare leaving her mother alone in the city. So she decided to enroll in Columbia. Audrey had always been engrossed by fashion, but not in the same way as her mother. Even though Lily was a fashion designer, Audrey was more interested in telling people what they should wear. She was the queen of fashion in her high school, and she was determined to use her passion throughout her college career. Audrey loved everything fashion related, including interior design, which was why she was going to live in her current apartment with her mother. Her bedroom was decorated ornately, with pictures on her idol, Audrey Hepburn, on the walls. Her bed was covered in deep blue silk coverings, with beautiful pillows on the top. She had beautiful flowers all throughout her room, and kept everything very simple. She had a whole other room for her schoolwork, in order to keep her room uncluttered. That was a definite upside to going to Columbia, Audrey didn't have to deal with sharing an impossibly small dorm room with another girl, and having to use a communal bathroom.


August 24. The day Scarlett had been waiting for her whole life was now finally here. She was leaving her small Pennsylvania town for the monstrous New York City. Scarlett was beyond excited to start her life. She had always dreamed of living in NYC but now that day was really here. She had all her essentials packed into four matching suitcases, plus some smaller luggage bags. She had already planned out exactly how she was going to decorate her Columbia dorm room. She had purchased a teal comforter that was lined with a white border. It perfectly matched the ornate Tiffany & Co. boxes. She was going to put flowers in her dorm, probably next to her bed (she wasn't completely sure yet). The most impressive part of her room was going to be her desk. Scarlett was a very studious person, so her desk needed to be perfect. She had bought different desk organizers, a beautiful lamp, stationary, post-its, and any other essentials for the perfect college student. Most importantly, Scarlett had all of books for classes as well as her class schedule separated from everything else. She was planning on double majoring in Russian Language and Literature, and Political Science. For her first semester in college Scarlett was taking some pretty daunting classes: Master Pieces of 19th-Century Russian Literature, International Law and the United Nations in Practice, Intro to Linguistics, Philosophy and History, and Victorian Literature. In addition to being completely engrossed with her rigorous studies, Scarlett was excited to try to get an internship. She wanted nothing more than to be a successful young woman in the Big Apple. Since she had everything all planned out the only left to do was the big trip up to New York. Scarlett grabbed her suitcases, loaded them in the family BMW SUV, and headed off to NYC.


The four girls all move to New York City to go to college. Audrey, Scarlett, and Sapphire go to Columbia. Norelle moved to New York to escape her overpowering sister. Sapphire is majoring in French & Francophone Studies, and Creative Writing. Audrey is majoring in Art History, and Business. Scarlett is majoring in Russian Language and Literature and Political Science. The story will follow the four girls in the start of their freshmen year at Columbia. It will be about their classes, their romances, and their friendships. It will begin with the four girls not knowing each other and then we will discover how their friendship will evolve.


1. Sapphire:
Sapphire is a strong, confident girl. She loves yoga, speaks fluent French, and aspires to be a writer. She is smart, strong, and loves life. She is majoring in Creative Writing, and French & Francophone Studies

2. Norelle
Norelle is a California girl. She is extremely rich and was raised by her conceited sister. She is not the smartest but she definitely knows how to have fun. She cares a lot about her looks and can be superficial. However, she will do anything for her friends. She is a loving and trustful person who wants to make a difference in the world.
3. Audrey: Blair Waldorf-esque

Audrey is probably the most fashionable. She is career oriented and will do whatever to get ahead. She will do anything to protect her friends, but will quickly turn her back on them if she feels they have betrayed her. She recently broke up with the person she was going to be her one great love. She loves all things French and coincidentally, Audrey Hepburn. She always dresses for success and is always up for a challenge. She is from New York City. She is majoring in Art History and Business.

1. Early Italian Art

4. Scarlett
Scarlett is incredibly smart. She is not afraid to stand up for herself. She can be intimidating. She has a strong personality. She isn't mean though. Scarlett loves her friends and will do anything to protect them. She wears preppy clothes and adds in masculine accents. She comes from a rich family, but often doesn't get along with her family. She plays tennis and field hockey. Scarlett is proud of who she is but doesn't want to come off as intimidating. She is from a small town in Pennsylvania. She is majoring in Russian Language and Literature, and Political Science.

1. Master Pieces of 19th-Century Russian Literature
2. Philosophy & History
3. Shakespeare's Poetry
4. Intro to Linguistics
5. Intro to International Politics