Thursday, February 17, 2011


August 24. The day Scarlett had been waiting for her whole life was now finally here. She was leaving her small Pennsylvania town for the monstrous New York City. Scarlett was beyond excited to start her life. She had always dreamed of living in NYC but now that day was really here. She had all her essentials packed into four matching suitcases, plus some smaller luggage bags. She had already planned out exactly how she was going to decorate her Columbia dorm room. She had purchased a teal comforter that was lined with a white border. It perfectly matched the ornate Tiffany & Co. boxes. She was going to put flowers in her dorm, probably next to her bed (she wasn't completely sure yet). The most impressive part of her room was going to be her desk. Scarlett was a very studious person, so her desk needed to be perfect. She had bought different desk organizers, a beautiful lamp, stationary, post-its, and any other essentials for the perfect college student. Most importantly, Scarlett had all of books for classes as well as her class schedule separated from everything else. She was planning on double majoring in Russian Language and Literature, and Political Science. For her first semester in college Scarlett was taking some pretty daunting classes: Master Pieces of 19th-Century Russian Literature, International Law and the United Nations in Practice, Intro to Linguistics, Philosophy and History, and Victorian Literature. In addition to being completely engrossed with her rigorous studies, Scarlett was excited to try to get an internship. She wanted nothing more than to be a successful young woman in the Big Apple. Since she had everything all planned out the only left to do was the big trip up to New York. Scarlett grabbed her suitcases, loaded them in the family BMW SUV, and headed off to NYC.

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